Liquid Smudge Sampler

Liquid Smudge Sampler

Our smudges are made with all-natural ingredients, while our essential oils are sourced from companies whose business ethos promotes equality. Scents you'll love! 


CLEAR SPACE: Clear spaces and aura of negative emotions. It energizes and acts as a mild salt cleanser for your crystals to help you reprogram them anytime and anywhere; a combination of Citrine and clear quartz chips.            


LOVE & KIND: Aura spray for attracting and pushing for what you truly deserve. Love towards self and others. Kindness to all beings. With carnelian and rose quartz chips.


NIGHT LIGHT: Aura sprays for calming spaces as well as to quiet the mind. Sets the ritual of acknowledging and gratitude. Perfect for people who turn days into nights. Protective Obsidian, Amethyst, and Blue Kyanite chips.