Metatron's Grid Mat

Metatron's Grid Mat

Grids are a great tool in your spiritual journey.  Metatron's Cube includes all 5 Platonic Solids hidden inside, symbolizing the underlying geometric patterns found throughout our universe, named after Archangel Metatron, who watches over the flow of energy in creation and provides a connection to the divine.                          

 How to use a grid?


1. Write down your intentions on a small paper. Place it under your grid.

2. Choose your sacred geometry Crystal Grid.

3. Choose crystals that will help in your intentions and manifestations. You can use a pyramid, a point, or any generator in the middle to point towards the universe.

4. You may wish to say a prayer for your intentions. Remember, this is your spiritual journey, there are no hard rules.

5. As an option, you can smudge your grid.


You can leave your grid for as long as you like. Write notes and put them under your grid so that you can remember and register your intentions. You'll be surprised at how much this manifesting can work and more!