Chlorella Refill Tablets

Chlorella Refill Tablets

Chlorella is an alga inhabiting in the fresh water, the main ingredients of which are protein, iron, chlorophyll, etc. In Fine Chlorella tablets, chlorella, produced with tank fermentation not affected by natural phenomena and mixing of foreign articles and blanched to be digested and absorbed easily, have been used.


Energy 300~450 kcal Iron 10~100 mg

Vitamin C 5~30 mg Protein 50~70 g

Vitamin A 3800 μg Chlorophyll 1~4 g

Fat 5~20 g Vitamin B1 0.5~3 mg

Carbohydrates 10~25 g Vitamin B2 2~8 mg

Sugar 0 g Calcium 150~350 mg

Sodium 10~150 mg Magnesium 200~400 mg