Young Barley - Banana Flavor

Young Barley - Banana Flavor

For those people skip on vegetable, don't really like the green juice taste, and are concerned about their health and who don't eat enough vegetables in daily meal.


Product Concept/Features



Easy to drink even if you don't really like Green juice. We add lactic acid on.



  • Add new function such as lactic acid on Young barley.
  • This product is stick type therefore it is easy to use and carry.
  • Easy to drink banana flavor.
  • Contains young barley grass, produced in Japan.



Young barley powder, Indigestible dextrin, Dextrin, Banana puree, Plant fermented powder, Sterilized lactic acid bacterium powder/ Thickner ( guar gum), Coral Calcium, Banana flavour powder, Sweetener( aspartame, L-phenylalanine compound , sucralose), Silica dioxide, Vitmin D, (Contained milk constituent, banana, apple, yam)